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Minutes of the Plenary Session of 4 July 2006 on a Draft European Digital Memorandum.

The European Digital Memorandum was made public on 8 July 2006.

Minutes of the Plenary Session of 24 April 2006

The Prime Minister’s report on Lighthouse Programmes was approved at this meeting.
The Report of the General Council for Information Technologies of 30 March 2006 on the follow-up and implementation of the CSTI Opinion of 30 March 2005 was also approved at the meeting.

Report on the CSTI plenary working meeting, 30 March 2005

The report to the Prime Minister entitled "Information and Communication Technologies at the Core of the Knowledge Society: several proposals to stimulate competition, growth and employment" was approved at this meeting.

Annexes :

Installation of the CSTI in Matignon on 28 October 2004

Report on the CSTI inaugural plenary working meeting, 28 october 2004

Previous meetings and reunions, from 07 november 2000 to 06 november 2003