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Recommendation of 24 April 2006 on stimulating competition and growth

Published on 6 September 2007

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The Strategic Advisory Board on Information Technologies,
Having regard to Decree 2004-255 of 22 March 2004 establishing a Strategic Advisory Board on Information Technologies,

Recommends the following:

- Effectively make ICTs a national priority, calling on all stakeholders to share the conviction that an in-depth understanding of ICTs (confirmed technological trends, and strategic, economic and societal impacts) is no longer solely a matter for experts, but is a vital consideration in which everyone should actively take part;

- Set up simplified, consistent governance with the means to conduct an effective public policy in close liaison with the economic players;

- Make the priority in this area the prompt, effective implementation of this mechanism, with close attention paid to a responsive steering mechanism and ensuring specifically:

  • That competitive clusters and French Agency for Industrial Innovation (AII) financing place sufficient emphasis on start-ups and innovative SMEs, and

  • That government orders are more open to these businesses;

- Follow up this effort with a sharp increase in the level of ICT research, currently estimated at €5 billion per year, in particular granting more public action appropriations so that the share of French ICT research in the total research budget is equivalent to that observed in competing countries;

- Take into account the General Council for Information Technologies progress report of 30 March 2006 on the action taken in 2005 with regards to the proposals and recommendations found in the Strategy Advisory Board on Information Technologies opinion of 30 March 2005 entitled "General Proposals to Stimulate Competition, Growth and Employment".

Done in Paris on 24 April 2006

By the Delegate Chairman:


Members of the Strategic Advisory Board on Information Technologies on 24 April 2006

M. Jean-François ABRAMATIC, M. Alain BRAVO, M. Patrick COCQUET, M. Jean Pierre CORNIOU, M. Michel DAHAN, M. Michel DIDIER, M. Claude GUÉGUEN, M. Yves GUILLEMOT, Mme Simone HALBERSTADT HARARI, M. Jean Charles HOURCADE, M. Daniel KAPLAN, M. Arnaud LAGARDÈRE, M. Patrick LE LAY, M. Philippe LEMOINE, M. André LÉVY LANG, M. Jean-Bernard LÉVY, Mme Colette LEWINER, M. Joël MONNIER, M. Jean MOUNET, M. Grégoire OLIVIER, Mme Isabelle PARIZE, M. Gilles PÉLISSON, M. François Henri PINAULT, M. Denis RANQUE, M. Gérard ROUCAIROL, M. Claude SATINET, M. Jacques STERN, M. Serge TCHURUK.

Annex : Report entitled "General Proposals to Stimulate Competition, Growth and Employment"