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Recommendation of 24 April 2006 on Lighthouse Programmes

Published on 6 September 2007

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The Strategic Advisory Board on Information Technologies,
Having regard to Decree 2004-255 of 22 March 2004 establishing a Strategic Advisory Board on Information Technologies,

Recommends the following:

- Launch lighthouse programmes on the themes of:

  • Health: living an active, self-reliant life despite age or disability;

  • Young people: expressing the identity of the new generations; giving every opportunity for employment by creating a digital space featuring individual skills;

  • Towns: building accessible, solidarity-based towns;

  • Cars: Optimising resources for 100%-safe and 0%-polluting transport;

- Develop these themes, in particular along one of the following two lines:

  • Assign each of the programmes to the relevant sectoral Minister, tasked with proposing the implementation conditions to the Prime Minister;

  • Form an ad-hoc interministerial working group to define common lighthouse programme launch and steering methods;

- Give the General Council for Information Technologies an active role in co-ordinating and supporting actions for these lighthouse programmes;

- Set the goal of a three-month lead time for the actual launch of these programmes and, to this end, conduct the following work:

  • Set up a “Uses Committee” for each programme, bringing together the expertise required to define and monitor the meeting of the need;

  • Convene the stakeholders concerned by the programme area, and research and industry stakeholders, define the targets to be met and determine the main work focuses;

  • Identify the institutional mechanisms capable of financing each programme (competitive clusters, French Agency for Industrial Innovation, National Research Agency, RTD Framework Programme, etc.);

  • Decide on the shared characteristics for the governance of all the programmes;

- Take into account the report of 13 March 2006 entitled "The Lighthouse Programmes", produced by the working group Public Initiatives: Proposals for the ICT Sector, Complementarities, Perspectives and Lighthouse Programmes: National Research Agency, French Agency for Industrial Innovation, Competitive Clusters, and European Initiatives including the RTD Framework Programme, appended to this recommendation.

Done in Paris on 24 April 2006

By the Delegate Chairman:


Members of the Strategic Advisory Board on Information Technologies on 24 April 2006

M. Jean-François ABRAMATIC, M. Alain BRAVO, M. Patrick COCQUET, M. Jean Pierre CORNIOU, M. Michel DAHAN, M. Michel DIDIER, M. Claude GUÉGUEN, M. Yves GUILLEMOT, Mme Simone HALBERSTADT HARARI, M. Jean Charles HOURCADE, M. Daniel KAPLAN, M. Arnaud LAGARDÈRE, M. Patrick LE LAY, M. Philippe LEMOINE, M. André LÉVY LANG, M. Jean-Bernard LÉVY, Mme Colette LEWINER, M. Joël MONNIER, M. Jean MOUNET, M. Grégoire OLIVIER, Mme Isabelle PARIZE, M. Gilles PÉLISSON, M. François Henri PINAULT, M. Denis RANQUE, M. Gérard ROUCAIROL, M. Claude SATINET, M. Jacques STERN, M. Serge TCHURUK.

Annex : Report on "Lighthouse Programmes "