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Structure of the CSTI

Jean-Michel Hubert is delegate chairman of the CSTI.

François Bélorgey chief telecommunications engineer, is general secretary of the CSTI.

Elisabeth Desthieux is webmaster of the CSTI Internet site.


Theme A  - Public initiatives : proposals for the ICT sector, complementarities, perspectives and key programmes
National Research Agency, National Innovation Agency, Competitiveness Hubs, European Initiatives including the Framework
Programme for Research and Technological Development.

Rapporteur : Mr. Alain BRAVO
and Messrs Gilles KAHN, Grégoire OLIVIER, Denis RANQUE and Serge TCHURUK

Secretariat : Mr. Jean-Pierre SOUZY, Mrs Fabienne JONIEAUX

Theme B  - Internet and the Information Society: repercussions of technological issues and innovations for applications and contents.

Rapporteur : Mr. Jean-François ABRAMATIC

Secretariat : Mr. Jean-Claude GORICHON,  Mr. Laurent ZANELLO


Theme C : Development of business usages for information technologies: need for a sector-based approach.

Rapporteur : Mr. Philippe LEMOINE

Secretariat : Mr. Jean-Claude MAILHAN , Mr. Joël HAMELIN



The previous working groups, from 07 November 2000 until 06 November 2003.