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  • The Strategic Advisory Board on Information Technologies (i.e. "CSTI": Conseil Stratégique des Technologies de l'Information), created on july 10th, 2000 by a Government committee meeting on information society. It is chaired by the Prime Minister and composed of leading entrepreneurs from industry and R&D, selected for their own competence (and not for belonging to any given organization).

  • CSTI is responsible for presenting recommendations to Government related to strategic orientations in innovation and research and development, concerning information technologies. It also plays a role in the field of training and education in information technologies, in order to provide a appropriate answer to the growing needs of digital economy.

  • CSTI, in particular, has to:
    • maintain a living and permanent dialogue with industry ;

    • improve coordination between private and public researchers, and between the latters and the industry, since technological changes have speeded up and tend to erase the traditional partitioning between basic and operational research ;

    • operate direct exchanges between manufacturers and researchers on the one hand, and public executives on the other, in order to define more accurately and efficiently national priorities, and to select domains where action should be strengthened.

  • CSTI participates in the definition of relevant indicators enabling European member States to measure progresses in access and use of information technologies, all in accordance with the decisions taken in Lisbon (e-Europe program adopted by European Council at Feira in june 2000).

  • CSTI advises on initial education channels and their evolution in relation with new needs of information technology branches and of economy in general in its " digital economic " dimension, as well as on the consequences of these changes on public and private vocational training agencies.

  • More generally, the CSTI has a function of monitoring and warning in the field of information technologies.