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Conseil Stratégique des Technologies de l'Information
  As CSTI mandate has not been renewed, this website is an archive of the 2000-2007 period
  English version is provided, where available, on this site. Original french version is provided if no translation is currently active
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4 April 2008, appointment decree of the Minister of State responsible for digital economy

10 September 2007, publication of a report of 23 October 2006 for a european internet initiative to foster the development of the knowledge economy

6 September 2007 :
- publication of a recommendation of 6 December 2006 on the internet of the future
- publication of a recommendation of 24 April 2006 on lighthouse programmes
- publication of a recommendation of 24 April 2006 on stimulating competition and growth

15 May 2007, Publication of an external study on Research and Development